Industry Trend: Cable Rail Systems

One of the more popular requests for building and renovation projects alike is to “take advantage of the view.”  Cape Cod is certainly full of breathtaking scenery so it’s no surprise that outdoor living is a huge priority here.  Incorporating a cable rail system is a great way to allow more visibility from a deck.  There are several manufacturers who specialize in cable systems and countless options to customize and compliment the architectural style of a home. Design options have increased greatly as this trend continues to gain popularity.

A few notes: Though the cables are stainless steel they can still oxidize after a few harsh seasons on Cape Cod.  They also occasionally require retentioning, as metal expands and contracts with the weather.  Worry not, these are both easy fixes that can be done by the homeowner (more intricate connectors may require a professional to tighten so be sure to ask prior to installation). Keeping the cables 4 inches apart complies with all safety regulations, and fewer necessary vertical supports make these systems quite popular. We’re starting to see cables on interior projects as well, as seen in the photo on the left which integrates both horizontal and vertical cables traveling up a staircase.

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