North America’s Top Remodeling Firms

Cape Associates Ranks 21st on Remodeling Magazine’s List of North America’s Top Remodelers

Each year, Remodeling Magazine rates America’s top full-service remodelers—350 general contractors, kitchen & bath specialists and design/ building firms.

Cape Associates is proud to top the list of the nations top remodelers. We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team and the incredible community around us.

Remodeling Mag Top Firms

From Remodeling Magazine:

Making it big in the remodeling world is no easy task. Granted, there is no simple way to quantify the vast number of ways industrious folk seek to earn a living around fixing and improving existing housing. Nevertheless, several statistical snapshots form a strong image of where our industry stands.

We are an industry dominated by small business: Around 70% of firms earn less than a million dollars; around 23% earn less than $100,000. Compare those firms with the top earners: Somewhere between 10% and 12% of all companies bring home more than $3 million dollars, and only a rarefied 2% earn more than $10 million. That sets the stage for nothing less than “Wow” when you see the revenues of the firms on this compiled list.

See the full list of top remodeling firms here.

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