Cape Associates Celebrates 50th Anniversary

On April 1, 1971 Lester Langhans, along with 4 other employees, went to work in his Eastham home’s basement with plans of bringing a custom building company with a strong mission of commitment, quality, and integrity to the Cape Cod community. Fast forward to today, 50 years later, and that once five employee business with a small basement office now has over 120 full-time, year-round employees who carry on the Cape Associates legacy in a way that Lester would be so proud of. As we begin our 50th anniversary celebratory year it is more important than ever to remember who we are at Cape Associates. We are a local, family business with deep roots in the heart of Cape Cod. Over the past 50 years, we have learned the importance of contributing to the community and developing strong relationships and partnerships. We have built a wonderful team who works relentlessly to ensure that we stay true to those three words in our mission statement. Our 50th anniversary is about our community, our partners, our clients, and our team because without all of your support we would not be the 50 year old company we are today. Thank you for allowing us to be Cape Cod’s leading custom builder for the past 50 years.

To celebrate 50 years we wanted to first elevate our branding while still maintaining some of the sentimental value from Cape Associates’ history. Lester Langhans drew our original logo in the shape of our 345 Massasoit Road office, and to commemorate 50 years in business, we did not want to completely do away with some of the unique, original logo elements. We hope you love what we came up with!

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