Freshome Website – January 2011

green buildingThis next home used to be a vacation retreat for an art loving family, but it became more than that over the years. The land was purchased in 1958 and suffered some modifications since then. The extensive international family started to meet in this beautiful house they all considered their primary home. Once the residence was completely redesigned, the family decided to live here all year round and enjoy the extreme connection to nature. Occasional guests and family members can enjoy one of the three bedrooms and have their reunions in a beautiful, natural setting. The most important feature of the home lies in its eco-friendly legacy: “healthy indoor air quality, very comfortable and stable temperatures from the radiant floors, and exceptional energy performance with renewable energy systems. And, the artist family members immediately felt that the new home’s bright red, orange, and cedar colors really ‘made the house“. Solar electric panels on the roof provide 30% of the home’s electricity and smartly placed windows ensure the home’s natural ventilation system. The interior features modern and vintage furniture splashed with a mixture of different styles, just enough to create a suitable environment for any member of the family. ZeroEnergyDesign worked together with Cape Associates to create this wonderful place a family can call home.

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