Featured in Home Remodeling Magazine – Spring 2015


QUIET IN WINTER AND LIVELY IN SUMMER,Provincetown can beeither a peaceful respite or happening vacation destination, depending on theseason. And anyone who has ever spent time in Provincetown knows that WestVine Street is the place to be. With its close proximity to many colorful shops andeateries, and even more colorful residents and visitors, it is both a vacation spot anda closely knit neighborhood all rolled into one.Peter Rombult and Sean Murphy were searching for a place to call home thatwould feel like a world away from their busy, big-city lives. “We wantedeverything to be the opposite of what we have in Boston,” Murphy says. “Wewanted space, color and everything to be unique.”Rombult, who grew up on the North Shore, always told himself that if he were everlucky enough to own a vacation home, it had to be near the water. As fortune wouldhave it, he found what he was looking for in a home right on West Vine Street

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