Home Improvement Seasonality on Cape Cod


Many people seem surprised to learn that Cape Associates is in the midst of our busiest building season during the cold and blustery months of late winter and early spring. During a time when many Cape Cod businesses have reduced hours or even closed for the season, building on Cape Cod goes into full swing and runs strong through late Spring.

It makes a lot of sense… homeowners and businesses naturally want to enjoy their newly built or renovated spaces when the sun is shining, birds are chirping and Cape Cod is flourishing with summertime activity.  Many large projects that start up in the fall are often expected and wished for by Memorial Day.

Getting your home improvement projects done in-season has its advantages over waiting until you’re out the door for the season like your summertime neighbors are probably doing. When our crews are less busy (July through October), it will be easier to schedule estimates and get the work done in a timely manner, and it might even help your budget.

A few examples of high-impact summertime improvements that can be done lickety-split:

Doors: The moisture and extreme weather on Cape Cod are brutal on exterior and screen doors, and older doors without the benefit of modern building technology can malfunction and become drafty. Updating exterior doors can greatly upgrade the appearance and functionality of your home. Simply replacing an older door with a new, energy-efficient one can save you money on heating and cooling. Today’s building practices also make doors more watertight, which prevents water damage. If you’re in the mood for a big change, trade in a standard door for sliders to gain natural light and visually live beyond your walls. If you plan to eventually retire to your vacation home, replacing all your doors with wider ones compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design is a good first step.

Windows: There are two types of windows—replacement and new construction. Replacement windows use the existing frame and don’t require the wall to be opened, but new construction windows can revitalize your home’s façade and bring life to its interior. Large windows, multiple windows, bay windows, and skylights all let in more natural light and scenic views, as well as increase curb appeal. Like doors, windows today are more energy efficient and installed using technology that better protects your home from damage caused by the elements.

Decks: If you still have a wood deck, you know splintering, warping, and pushed-up nails are problems for bare feet each year. If you are happy with the size and shape of your deck, the decking boards can simply be replaced with composit material or new wood to solve this problem. However, structural framing can deteriorate over the years, as can footings, which weren’t always installed to today’s standards, and can make you question how the deck is still standing. A careful inspection of the underside of your deck can reveal trouble areas. Also, if the deck isn’t attached to the house using the latest building materials and practices, water could be leaking into your wall at the ledger and causing unseen rot.

Larger renovations: If your home improvement plans include building your dream kitchen, adding living space, or giving your bathroom a spa makeover, you may be looking at a longer building process. Starting this type of project in the summer is a smart idea, too, because there will be more hands on deck to get it going before the onslaught of winter projects thins out crews, and your project may be ready for interior paint by winter, when it just so happens that our painting team is least busy.

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