Lindsay Cole – Most Valuable Team Member

Lindsay Cole wins silver at the 2017 Prism Awards.

Lindsay Cole

Lindsay Cole has been with Cape Associates since 1999 and is the granddaughter of founder Lester Langhans, Jr.. She has held various roles in the business, ranging from receptionist at our main office, to payroll clerk to her current role as HR Manager for our 120-plus employees.

Her long career within the company allows Lindsay a unique insight and intuitive problem solving that is an immeasurable asset to the company. There is little that she encounters that she hasn’t previously seen and she’s able to handle issues with poise, responsibility and respect.

Lindsay is a department of one, responsible for delivering highly competitive benefits to our employees and all of the administration that goes along with that. Lindsay chairs the Employee Communication Committee, a group that represents a cross-section of our employee body and is tasked with helping to disseminate information throughout the company.

In 2015, Linsday earned her Professional in Human Resources certification from HR Certification Institute. The “PHR demonstrates” a professional’s mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR management, including U.S. laws

Lindsay has won the company several highly-sought after grants for safety and general training. These trainings have given the Cape Associates workforce important access to cutting-edge industry knowledge, improving our systems from carpentry to team-building, sales and more.Cole Siblings

Matt Cole, CEO states, “having Lindsay in this critically important role is a great fit – our employees are our most important asset, it is great to have one of the owners of this business leading our recruitment, benefits and retention efforts.”

Lindsay works tirelessly and with great ambition to ensure that she is performing her job with the utmost care and discretion. Cape Associates would not be the company it is without her.

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