Major Renovation, Provincetown, MA

Architect: b Architecture Studio

Maximizing usable space often means thinking outside the boxy cabinet for storage, and the centerpiece of this Full-House Renovation is certainly the built-in staircase. Four pullout storage drawers—two rectangular and two triangular—fit discreetly underneath the stairs, which are smartly accented with a stainless-steel cable rail typically seen on exterior decks.

The understairs space also keeps clutter off the kitchen countertops with custom shelving to fit a microwave and wine chiller, as well as a sliding shelf for a coffeemaker and toaster. A kitchen island not only doubles the countertop space for cooking but also houses the sink, dishwasher, and a wealth of discreet storage in the middle of the room.

Removing a wall and relocating a bathroom opened room for a spacious dining area, complete with a built-in, unupholstered banquette. A local artisan cast Provincetown sand and concrete to produce stunning countertops that contribute to the open-concept aesthetic of letting in the natural world. Another example of bringing local character inside is the fluted, concrete column in the kitchen, which reflects the mint green fluted columns supporting overpasses along the famous Mid-Cape Highway.

Personalization prevails throughout the house, including slim hot-water baseboards, the cutout diamond window in the front door, and the Japanese art in the bathroom tiles.

Outside features include a new cedar shower with a handheld showerhead on the wall and a rainshower head discreetly tucked into the pergola above, as well as a spacious cedar deck.