Trend Alert: Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Tech

Smart home technology transforms everyday items like doorbells, refrigerators, ovens, and mirrors, into people-pleasing, multi-taskers. As builders, we believe in automating our client’s homes to suit their lifestyle and routines. Integrating technology into our building plans elevates the way they experience their homes. It also saves time, reduces energy bills, and enhances security. 

Smart home technology is expected to reach $174 billion by 2025 – up from $55 billion in 2016. And good news? Raising your home’s IQ has never been more affordable. A round-up of our favorite technology— from sun-up to lights out— is below.

Rise & Shine

From slow-moving smart shades to custom control smart lightbulbs to high-fidelity Sonos Five speakers, waking up in 2020 is a snooze-free affair. Especially if you have a Bosch or Sub-Zero Wolf built-in coffee maker. Use the app to set up a fresh brew from the comfort of your bed.


Bathroom Connections

Activate your Moen smart shower from anywhere in the home. Catch up on the news and your daily appointments from your smart mirror. Heated seats, ambient lighting, and voice-activated music combine with cleaning features to make Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet an industry standout. And the list goes on.


To Hub or Not to Hub

Many well-connected homes centralize their smart devices like Nest thermostat and Glass Apps with hubs like Wink 2 and Samsung SmartThings. “In a few of our recent builds, we opted against a hub in favor of iDevices – a suite of smart products that automatically connect through a cloud-based app,” says Matt Cole, President & CEO at Cape Associates. You can also automate your daily routines with the latest versions of voice-activated assistants like Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby.


What’s for Dinner?

Samsung Family Hub is a selection of multi-tasking refrigerators that manage schedules, plan mealtimes, and stream content. “The company recently released Food AI with Whisk, the smart food platform that serves up recipes based upon soon-to-expire ingredients in your fridge, said Abigail Chapman, Project Manager at Cape Associates. Whirlpool smart ovens/ranges are outfitted with the Yummly app to give the family cook recipe ideas and tutorials.


Picture Perfect

No smart home is complete without a cinema experience. And nothing is more adaptable than a projector.  1- VAVA 4K Laser Projector has a 150” display, built-in Harman Kardon Sound Bar, and 4K resolution. It interfaces with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alexa, and Google Assistant.


Safe & Sound

Smart security solutions like locks, video doorbells, and cameras keep homeowners informed and in control 24/7. Worried about burst pipes and leaks when you’re out of town? Moen and Flo Technologies make Wi-Fi-connected sensors that monitor water movement, predicting issues before they happen.

If you’re interested in adding smart technology to your home, our project managers are happy to help! Fill out our form here to contact us today.


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